Deal Report: Ex-Suns Key Star finally Agreed Return Deal and Sign four years contract…..

The Phoenix Suns are great at finding players that many people may not know about and developing those guys into fantastic role players, but specifically at one thing. They are great at finding players who become fan favorites within the Sun’s fan base.

Ish Wainwright, a now former Suns player, is no different, as he was one of those fan-favorite guys. He is a player that not many people know about, but he is good enough that every team wants a guy like him on their roster. For Wainwright, he is one heck of a defender and will do all the little things, including the dirty work. He can also shoot the ball well, spotting up.

But I said “was” because while the Suns fan base still loves him, he is no longer on the Suns. They released him recently, as the cutdown day is coming soon. While the Suns’ head coach Frank Vogel made it sound like Wainwright could be back because he said he was a big fan of Wainwright, the wing will not be returning anytime soon.

Now, he is getting another opportunity to show he can be that player, just like everyone knows he can. Based on what Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium reported, Wainwright will get that chance on a new team with some former teammates.

“The Portland Trail Blazers are waiving Kevin Knox and picking up former Phoenix Suns forward Ish Wainright off free agency waivers

Wainwright will be playing with former teammates Deandre Ayton and Toumani Camara on the Portland Trailblazers. The Trailblazers are a team that has developed players the last few years into better than what they expected. Anfernee Simons is one of those guys. Wainwright will get the chance to fight for a big role on the Blazers while also building something special.

All we can do now is hope he does what he did in Phoenix and some.

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