Dead Wrong>>> Bradley Chubb of the Miami Dolphins receives the “most unnecessary penalty of all time” because of a little-known regulation…

Prior to the Dolphins blowing a 27-13 lead over the Titans with less than three minutes remaining in the game, Chubb’s penalty was called.

Bradley Chubb, the standout pass rusher for the Miami Dolphins, was struck with a critical penalty during Monday Night Football’s 28-27 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

In the process, the 27-year-old linebacker who has played in two NFL Pro Bowls was unlucky enough to be the victim of a little-known penalty regulation.

Miami Dolphins pass rusher Bradley Chubb slammed his helmet on the ground while on the field after a failed sack on Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis

In the second quarter, with the Dolphins leading 7-0, Titans quarterback Will Levis evaded a sack by Chubb on a third-and-10 play and picked up five yards.

Chubb and cornerback Jalen Ramsey tackled Levis as Tennessee was ready to kick the 42-yard field goal with kicker Nick Folk.

However, after the play, a frustrated Chubb took off his helmet and slammed it on the ground while on the field.

The refs noticed the action and threw the penalty flag.

Titans quarterback Will Levis gained five yards after dodging a sack attempt by Chubb during a third-and-10 play in the second quarter, when the Dolphins were leading 7-0.

As Tennessee prepared to attempt a 42-yard field goal with kicker Nick Folk, Levis was tackled by Chubb and cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

But after the play ended, a furious Chubb removed his helmet and banged it against the ground while still on the field.

The officials raised the penalty flag after observing the incident.

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