Contract Terminated: SPFL Finally Terminate Jamez tavernier Contract with Rangers After Clement Philpps fast to sign permanent Deal……

James Tavernier has once and for all confirmed he is not worthy captain or indeed Rangers player material by admonishing himself of blame for the latest Old Firm debacle by claiming his own form is good.

Despite making a statement that he and the other players take responsibility for the result, the proof in the pudding of the ‘captain’ was when he was challenged on his general form, and proved definitively the armband must be removed from this man after claiming he was happy with his current form.

Tavernier, who has been easily Rangers’ worst-ever captain and a stain on the Hall of Fame entries, has remained untouchable in position as Rangers’ first-choice right-back, even seeing off Nathan Patterson. Indeed, we imagine Cafu himself would also have been benched in preference of Tav.

And when asked yesterday if his own form was good enough, he dropped an a-bomb with a ridiculous ‘yeah’ response.

It sums up his immunity under every manager, this inexplicable undroppable quality he has, that no matter what he does, this club rewards him for it.

Ibrox Noise kept very quiet about this earlier this season, but the repeated sight of Tavernier on almost EVERY SINGLE CLUB MERCHANDISE or team lineup or publicity material on social media was literally flabbergasting, that Rangers just kept pushing this guy as the face of the club, the shiny representative of all that is ‘good’ about Rangers right now, apparently.

He is not, and never has been, an SPL Rangers-level player – certainly not a Rangers-level right back and absolutely unequivocally not a captain – the Gerrard choice to give him it permanently the safe and lazy and easy choice, not the right one.

And now the guy appears to believe the club’s own hype in him, and the strong ardent Tav-backers he has in the fanbase haven’t helped – but even they are starting to dwindle lately.

We do not hate Tavernier, we just think it’s a disgrace a Wigan reject is our captain and been given this exalted platform for the best part of 8 years. Had he been a squad player, fine, we’d have lived with that.

But his invulnerability is almost like a video game cheat mode – nothing can touch him, nothing will touch him, and he insults the great captains of the past by remaining in position.

He may well be the epitome of ‘either die the hero or live long enough to become the villain’, because we’re absolutely fed up of the sight of him.

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