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The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys are the NFL’s most annoying fan bases

This was the intriguing result of a recent anonymous NFL player poll, per The Athletic. The Eagles’ fan base topped the poll with 25.3 percent from 73 respondents. On the other hand, the Cowboys’ fans weren’t far behind with with 24.7 percent of the votes. A mere 0.6 percent separated the two fierce NFC East rival fan bases.

Just loud, rude, and obnoxious,” an anonymous NFL player said of the Eagles’ die-hards.

“They just swear they’re the biggest football gurus on earth,” another player said of Philly’s fan base.

Two Eagles fans made headlines when they got married during a tailgate prior to their Week 9 game against the Cowboys. The atmosphere was a far cry from the usual boisterous game day experience at Lincoln Financial Field.

Another NFL player felt the Cowboys’ fans have unrealistic expectations every year.

“They usually think they should win the Super Bowl every year,” he said.

Cowboys legend Michael Irvin took a video of the Dallas fans who infiltrated the Los Angeles Chargers’ SoFi Stadium in Week 6. The rowdy atmosphere helped the Cowboys squeak by the Chargers, 20-17.

Two AFC East teams from New York – the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets – finished third (7.5 percent) and fourth (6.8 percent), respectively. The Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers were tied for fifth with 4.8 percent of the votes.

The NFL players have spoken: the Eagles and Cowboys’ fans ‘ are the most annoying in the league. Is it a mere coincidence they’re also the top two teams in the NFC East division leading up to Week 12?

Should the Eagles and Cowboys cross paths in the postseason, it’s going to be one loud and boisterous affair, for sure.

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