Breaking News: Cleveland browns star with substance abuse and suspensions set Return moves….

Tuesday night, Ohio voters passed Issue 2 to legalize the use of marijuana.

Early in the morning on Wednesday, former Browns receiver Josh Gordon, who was suspended multiple times for substance abuse, including marijuana, weighed in with this lighthearted comment on his Threads account

Interestingly enough, Gordon’s name started trending on X, formerly known as Twitter, on election night even before his Threads post. Browns fans were having fun posting about Gordon when the votes were being counted.

“Weed smokers in Ohio are about to become law abiding citizens. Josh Gordon has just been signed to the Browns,” Angry Browns Fan posted.

“I’m just saying Josh Gordon would be wearing a gold jacket if he had been 15 years younger,” Browns fan and co-founder of Network 216 posted.

“Josh Gordon returning to the Browns after Ohio legalized Marijuana 10 years later,” Browns fan John Hillbery posted along with a LeBron James hype video.

Browns fan McNeil dropped a Photoshop meme of Gordon along with fellow former Brown Johnny Manziel in the style of the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” shortly after Issue 2 passed.

Thompson-Robinson’s longest completion against the Steelers was 18 yards, and the Browns must also be able to open up the offense and stretch the field or defenses will stack the box and take the run away. About six of his passes were dropped, including four by tight end David Njoku, who headed straight home to the JUGs machine, and FaceTimed his coach and new QB1 to prove it.

He must quickly develop timing with Njoku, Amari Cooper and Elijah Moore to get this 26th-ranked passing game up to postseason standards. The deep shots to Cooper will always be there, and he’ll have to hit his share. As Walker quickly discovered, a couple of bombs to Cooper can cover up a lot of ills.

Thompson-Robinson certainly can’t count on the defense holding teams to 10 points every week, although there are plenty of weaker offenses coming down the stretch.

The Browns must also strike the balance of letting Thompson-Robinson use his legs and avoiding the sack-fumble, especially against a team like the Broncos. They’re tied for first in the NFL with nine fumble recoveries this season. But Thompson-Robinson must play to his strengths, and throwing on the run and scrambling are among them.

Flacco, who went 1-8 with the Jets over the previous three seasons — with the outlier that improbable 31-30 come-from-behind victory over the Browns in Week 2 last year — made it clear on Wednesday that he believes he can still play, and isn’t ready to be a full-time mentor just yet.

Including his 2-6 season in Denver in 2019, he’s 3-14 in his last 17 starts, but has played on some horrible teams since leaving Baltimore.

“To a certain extent, (football is) all I know,” he said. “I still have a lot of fun doing it. I do feel like I have stuff left in the tank, so I owe it to myself to continue to push forward and try to play the game that I love until I really don’t feel like I can do that.”

After losing faith that the phone would ring, he jumped at the Browns’ offer and didn’t wait to see if the Bengals would call when Joe Burrow went down with the season-ending wrist injury.

“My decision was just some kind of opportunity, and I know I still want to play football and anything close to being put in the locker room and given that opportunity, all the other things kind of go out the window at that point,” he said. “You don’t really look back.”

He believes “there’s a lot of different things that I can bring to the table” but he knows he must grind to get up to speed and see it how all plays out. If Thompson-Robinson comes up the learning curve quickly and helps the Browns win, he’ll keep getting another week.

But if he falters, they now have a backup who’s no average Joe.

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