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Don’t let pet hair, dusty baseboards and kitchen crumbs stress you out during the holidays. If your vacuum is on its last legs or your significant other has been hinting rather pointedly that the appliances are in desperate need of replacing, we’ve rounded up some of the “most impressive” vacuums that have shoppers saying they ditched their Dysons.

Have a couple of rooms you need to swipe through but hate having to stretch the cords to the next outlet? Check out these cordless vacuum options that offer up to one hour of use on a full charge. Or, if you already have an upright vacuum but need a little something to get those hard to reach areas – say, under your furniture – the robot vacuum and mop combinations could be just what you need.

So while not the sexiest gift you might find underneath your Christmas tree, these early Black Friday deals will still have your loved one swooning as they witness the max level of home cleanliness come at a doorbuster price.

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