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“Ben his an opinion. He’s entitled to that, but I don’t agree,” Heyward said. “We lost these last two games, been rough, but the Steelers way is about grinding it out and it doesn’t matter what’s going on. There’s plenty to be done about it, and tradition starts by winning games, having good defense, and scoring points.”

he Steelers have certainly been grinding, but without much reward. Their disjointed offense has been a big problem, and even coach Mike Tomlin is starting to hear criticism. Roethlisberger’s take might be a bit extreme, but things are certainly not right in Pittsburgh

A Pittsburgh Steelers veteran responds after former quarterback Ben Roethlisberger asked if the team’s tradition is eroding.In his weekly podcast, Roethlisberger asked if the Steelers tradition was “over” after the 21-18 loss to the New England Patriots. The former quarterback questioned the team’s coaching and leadership and wondered which players were ready to take over and set the tone.It was a scathing criticism from a franchise icon and prompted a response from current Steelers defensive lineman Cam Heyward on Thursday’s edition of “Good Morning Football.” on NFL Network.

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