Emerging News: Devin Booker Roasted for Behavior in Warriors-Suns Game…

There was plenty to talk about after the Warriors stunned the Suns, but it was Devin Booker who was a surprising target of fans’ hate after the game.

It was Draymond Green’s first time facing off against Jusuf Nurkic after he was suspended for striking the Suns big man, so there was plenty of trash talk going on.

Since the Warriors came away with a 113-112 win, Green was hyped after the win and could be seen yelling at Kevin Durant.

Rather than calling out Draymond, NBA fans took issue with what Booker did.

Right after Draymond was done screaming at KD, Booker dapped him up.

And this sent some fans over the edge.

The loss was a tough one for Suns fans to swallow, since Steph Curry hit the game-winner with 0.7 seconds left on the clock.

The loss also saw Phoenix’s three-game win streak come to an end.

The beef between Draymond and Nurkic certainly isn’t over either, as they were going at each other all game.

At the seven-minute mark, Nurkic hit a contested hook shot in the paint over Green.

Nurkic taunted Draymond by doing the ‘too small’ and smacked the floor with his hand.

Not long after, Green made a jump-hook over Nurkic and mocked him by smacking the floor and yelling.

Safe to say, we can’t wait for the next chapter in this rivalry.

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