As December 15th draws near, who becomes available for trade from the Phoenix Suns?

Believe it or not, December 15 is less than a week away. Why is this date important for the Phoenix Suns? Is welcoming the New York Knicks to the Footprint Center that big of a deal? No, this is the date when the majority of Phoenix Suns players will be available for trade.This past offseason, general manager James Jones completely revamped the team.

He achieved this through blockbuster trades and skillful navigation of the free agent market. There are now 13 new faces on the team, most of whom come via free agency.The December 15 date is important because these players were initially ineligible for trade after signing with the organization. From “A free agent who signs a standard NBA player contract (or a player who signs or is converted to a standard NBA player contract while on a two-way contract) cannot be traded for three months after the date. the contract is signed or until December 15 of the salary cap year in which the contract is signed, whichever is later.This prevents teams from simply signing sought-after free agents and trading them like playing cards, thereby protecting both the player and other teams. December 15 is a day circled on the calendar because if you want to manipulate your team after identifying weaknesses early in the season, conversations can begin and strengths can be moved around. So who does this include? Who in the squad is now available for a move to James Jones? And what are you doing? Here’s a little introduction for you, which also includes the stats so far.Eric Gordon: $3.2 million2023 Stats: 20 GP (16 GS), 14.6 PPG (47.2 FG%/40.9 3PT%/81.3 FT%), 3.0 APG, 2.1 RPG Josh Okogie: $2.8 million2023 Stats: 22 GP (10 GS), 6.1 PPG (40.4 FG%/23.4 3PT%/77.6 FT%), 1.1 APG, 1.8 RPG. Damion Lee: $2.5 million2023 Stats: Not applicable as Damion has been out since training camp with a meniscus injury Drew Eubanks: $2.35 million2023 Stats: 21 GP (0 GS), 6.7 PPG (58.8 FG%/100 3PT%/83.3 FT%), 1.4 APG, 4.5 RPG Keita Bates-Diop: $2.35 million2023 Stats: 19 GP (8 GS), 5.7 PPG (40.9 FG%/27.8 3PT%/71.9 FT%), 0.9 APG, 3.3 RPGYuta Watanabe: $2.35 million2023 Stats: 16 GP (0 GS), 5.3 PPG (36.5 FG%/36.7 3PT%/69.2 FT%), 0.6 APG, 2.3 RPGBol Bol: $2.02 million2023 Stats: 4 GP (0 GS), 0.5 PPG (100 FG%/0 3PT%/0 FT%), 0 APG, 0.3 RPGJordan Goodwin: $2.02 million2023 Stats: 22 GP (0 GS), 6.4 PPG (40.0 FG%/35.0 3PT%/83.3 FT%), 2.2 APG, 3.9 RPGBe sure to check out Dave King’s weekly Suns column as he provides ongoing insight into the current state of the Suns roster, what the cap list looks like and what Phoenix’s options are when it comes to the tax apron.

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