News Report: Yankees Trade Proposal Swaps Ex-Top Prospect for $5.5 Million Closer…

The New York Yankees have updated their roster several times after a disappointing 2023 season, but questions still remain about what their bullpen will look like on Opening Day.Jordan Shusterman, an MLB analyst at Fox Sports, saw the Yankees trade last year’s top MLB prospect Oswald Peraza for left-handed pitcher Tanner Scott from the Miami Marlins and proposed a trade that could respond.

A relief pitcher with seven years of big league experience. “Scott … was one of the best players in baseball last year, but is scheduled to be a free agent after next season,” Shusterman said. “If the Yankees want to spend money on their rotation but still overhaul their pitching staff in an impressive way, they could dangle Peraza in front of the Fighting Fish instead of Scott as a potential short-term long-term solution .”

Shusterman added that the move would make sense for both sides, as Peraza appears poised to join the Yankees after acquiring Jorbit Vivas from New York. Meanwhile, the Marlins have left-handed reliever A.J. Pook and Andrew Nardi indemnify Scott.The New York Yankees could trade some prospect depth to get some much-needed bullpen help.Peraza struggled a bit last season at Shaw, hitting .191/.267/.272 over 173 plate appearances, and a change of scenery could be good for him.

“Peraza is a top-100 prospect who, along with a rejuvenated Anthony Wolff with a strong glove and contact skills, provides a prospect profile that fits well in the Yankees’ outfield,” Shusterman said. “He struggled as an uneventful rookie at the big league level in the Bronx, but there’s still some real talent here that can’t be ignored.”The Marlins are currently counting on shortstop John Berti to be a veteran who won’t get in the way if Peraza earns playing time.

“If Miami were to evaluate Peraza for a potential cut, they could certainly have an advantage, as much of the industry has not done so recently,” Shusterman concluded.The New York Yankees roster is running outThe Yankees have a very good reliever in 2023 with a 3.34 MLB ERA. However, key players Vandy Peralta and Keinan Middleton were snapped up by National League teams and many targets, including Phil Maton and Hector Neris, are now unavailable. “As relievers continue to fly, the door for the Yankees to improve their bullpen through free agency is closing quickly,”

Max Goodman told a result, one of the team’s remaining moves in a fast-ending season may be to acquire a pitcher like Scott via trade. He will be paid about $5.5 million in 2024, per Sportrac. Scott posted a 4.00 ERA, 33 saves and 402 strikeouts in 296.2 career innings. But over the past two seasons, he’s emerged as a reliable hitter for the Marlins, posting a 2.31 ERA and 12 saves in 78 innings in 2023. If this trend continues, Scott could become the type of secret reliever the Yankees have had in recent history and a better winning player for the team than Peraza.

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