Just In::3 New York Yankees pitching targets after striking out on Yoshinobu Yamamoto…

By betting on both Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, the New York Yankees showed that they are committed to adding top talent to their team and pitching staff. But with the front office lacking both, it will have to find another way to meet its needs this offseason.

Although Gerrit Cole, Carlos Rodon and Nestor Cortes are a good start, it will take more than three reliable starters to have much success in the playoffs. While there are several gaps, there is no solid alternative in free agency, but the Yankees could once again look to the trade market to fill out their starting rotation. If so, here are three pitchers who could become trade targets for the Yankees. While he may not be the same pitcher who won the 2020 Cy Young Award, Bieber hasn’t had an ERA above 3.80 since his rookie season in 2018. This type of talent plays all over the Majors. While Bieber has been excellent for the Guardians, he is also entering a contract year and will make an estimated $12.2 million in 2024.Bieber might still prefer the chance to win elsewhere as a free agent, and if the Yankees offer a respectable prospect, they might be able to lure the two-time All-Star away. He is still only 28 years old and should still have several productive years ahead of him. Surprisingly, Cease has never been named to an All-Star team or had any major MLB awards to his name, but the White Sox pitcher finished second to the AL Cy Young in 2022 and clearly has deadly stuff. However, rumors persist that negotiations will be halted in the near future.If so, the Yankees should discuss all of this, as walking away from the fight wouldn’t just be a short-term stopgap. He turns 28 on Dec. 28 and not only is he younger than Cole, Rodon and Cortes, but Cease is also under contract through 2025. With a pitcher like Cease, who recently was in the top five in strikeouts, three seasons would be a great result. way to cope with Yamamoto’s disappearance. It’s unclear how “available” the 2021 Cy Young winner is, as recent reports suggest the Milwaukee Brewers may prefer to avoid further setbacks this offseason after losing respected manager Craig Counsell. Trading a three-time All-Star ace isn’t exactly a sign that a team is winning right now. However, he’s exactly the type of talent the Yankees should be interested in, as a 29-year-old pitcher with the potential to be an impact starter who can rack up wins in the postseason. Burnes wants to hit free agency before signing a long-term deal, but the Yankees are one of the few teams that can offer him top dollar as a free agent beyond the 2024 season.

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