Just In: Yankees and Padres’ Discussions About Juan Soto Stopped When Friars Requested “Unrealistic” Seven Participants In Trade…

The New York Yankees have been mentioned for a while as possible bidders for standout outfielder Juan Soto of the San Diego Padres. Given that the Yankees have trade assets that San Diego may be interested in, the match seems appropriate. Nevertheless, the Yankees have applied the brakes in response to the Padres’ asking price, despite negotiations and player conversations. The Toronto Blue Jays, their American League East rivals, seem to be taking center stage as front-runners in any possible trade right now.

According to MLB insider Bob Nightengale of USA Today, talks between the Yankees and Padres are at a complete standstill, creating a deadlock in negotiations. The reports suggest that the Padres are eyeing a multi-player return, and names like Michael King, Drew Thorpe, Randy Vásquez, and Jhony Brito have been thrown into the mix, with the Padres also seeking salary relief for both Soto and Trent Grisham.

The valuation of Soto appears to be a sticking point. The 25-year-old outfielder boasts an impressive track record with 779 big league games, 160 home runs, and solid plate discipline. However, his impending free agency next year, coupled with a projected arbitration salary of $33MM, has complicated negotiations. Soto’s rejection of a $440MM extension from the Nationals last year has added an additional layer of complexity, painting him as a potential one-year rental.

Given Soto’s obvious talent, San Diego has stood firm in their high asking price while still taking into account the financial limitations. The Padres are trying to strike a careful balance between paying a good player and taking care of financial problems in a league where one-year rentals are expensive.

The mystery is increased by MLB source Jon Heyman’s claim that the Yankees and Padres haven’t held any recent conversations. The Padres may be considering trade alternatives with other teams, according to rumors fueled by their lack of contact recently.

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