Dolphins: Rings for a wedding? Dolphins’ Braxton Berrios on his relationship with Alix Earle and what coach Mike McDaniel believes

Miami Dolphins player Braxton Berrios opens up about his relationship with his “amazing” girlfriend Alix Earle and the surprising advice his coach recently gave him.On the Up & Adams Show with Kay Adams this week, Adams said Berrios’ “teammates must be having a lot of fun” and joked about his relationship with the TikTok star, whom Adams called “the most “hot about the game”.When asked how often Earle is talked about within the team, Berrios replied: “She’s amazing, you’re right. Coach McDaniel loves to tweet, and he loves to talk to me about it.

That’s all I’m going to say.He continued: “There’s quite a bit of real estate, at least in his mind, that he can use whenever he wants.”He confirmed that “there’s no game” regarding Earle and addressed whether McDaniel was giving him advice about their romance. “I think it’s more satire than actual advice,” he said. “He is very comfortable and confident in his game to get his wife back. This was absolutely conveyed to me. There isn’t a lot of advice.Nonetheless, Berrios revealed an important suggestion the NFL coach made to him

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