BREAKING NEWS:Dolphins are traveling to Washington Searching for a Third Straight Victory

With victories over Las Vegas and the New York Jets, the Miami Dolphins have an overall record of 8-3 and have gone 2-0 since their Week 10 bye.

Miami will try to win three straight games when it plays the Washington Commanders at FedExField on Sunday, Dec. 3.

Here are the thoughts of head coach Mike McDaniel, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, and other team members as they prepare for their penultimate regular-season road game.

Getting ready for Vic Fangio, the Commander’s Defensive Coordinator

(After viewing Commanders QB Sam Howell’s footage) – “He’s been impressive on tape.” Good passer. able to complete every throw. We are quite concerned about his ability to run and scramble. When he’s scrambling, he’s great runner. We need to be aware that he has wounded individuals in the past, and it could work against him. believe he did an extremely good job.” Tua Tagovailoa, the quarterback About facing his old Alabama colleagues Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen, he said, “Those guys make it tough up front with the things they do.” In addition to playing their games, they also use the 2i or method. They take action by accelerating the field. How do we prevent that? I believe that we will need to employ alternative techniques, particularly with regard to their hurried approach. With their jet front, it’s almost exactly like the Jets’ sort of front, but beyond that, who knows. They are excellent.

Extending an 8-3 Lead Coach Mike McDaniel

Regarding how the squad may use the knowledge gained from their 8-3 start in the previous season this year, “I envision a squad that knows how to continue growing as a unit throughout the season in order to be the greatest version of ourselves when it counts most. I see a group of players who are eager to collaborate. I see a team that isn’t overly enthralled with the attention or the headlines; rather, they are accustomed to it. I see a club that is eager to play against the Washington Commanders and that takes them seriously just like every other team we have faced this season. And that’s all they can think about.

I’m really proud of where our team is right now because we work well together, support one another, and share tasks so that they may fully enjoy every Sunday—of which there are only so many—that we have left. Each one of them is quite unique. Many people pay a very high price to see us perform, and this squad doesn’t seem to take that privilege for granted. That allows you the chance to be the best version of yourself, and that’s all that matters to me.”

Frank Smith, coordinator of offense

(About the team’s development and how this season’s December football will better prepare them) – “This football team’s collective drive and daily focus on how they can improve each day, in my opinion, is what makes them so outstanding. Because everyone will benefit tomorrow, this weekend, and next weekend if I get better today. The fact that you have a group of individuals who take responsibility seriously and strive to do their best every day is, in my opinion, the best thing. Additionally, they push one another and bring out the best in one another. That’s why working with this team is such a pleasure.”

Christian Wilkins, DT

“Just really throughout my time in the league, you kind of play ball in September and October, but you remember November and December,” the player said, addressing the significance of games later in the season. The games become more significant the later the ball gets and the later in the season it gets. You won’t fool anyone because you have a ton of footage of guys playing teams. Since people are what they are and every little piece counts, perhaps by now we’ll be prepared, have accomplished enough, and established a certain formula to enable us to accomplish some nice things at this stage of the season.”

Vic Fangio, defensive coordinator, is bringing the energy.

Regarding collaborating with a team that strives to create a fun environment: “I believe it begins with Mike (McDaniel).” That’s how he goes about things. The players follow his lead because he wants it and initiates it. Players can still have fun without being given the lead. Of course, as you pointed out, success helps. Victory has healed more illnesses than antibiotics. (laughing) But it is, indeed. These people enjoy themselves, yet they put in a lot of work.”

Christian Wilkins, DT

(Regarding tying the career high in sacks) –

“I simply never stop improving my game. Whether it’s during the season, while I’m playing, or something else entirely, I’m never a finished product. Since I’m never fully developed, I’m constantly trying to do better at the little things. I’m not really thinking about that in particular. I’ll look up at the end; for now, I’m simply trying to do what I can for my colleagues.”
CB Ramsey Jalen

(Regarding Xavien Howard, the starting cornerback): “Yeah, he’s a fantastic teammate. He’s obviously been at the top of this league for the same amount of time as me. Having him on the squad is fantastic.

He teaches me new skills that I had not before attempted or that I had temporarily put away and he brings them back to life. It’s been beneficial. We merely put one another to the test.”

RB Wilson Jr. is Jeff Wilson.

*Regarding his pregame remarks to the team prior to the Jets game: “Oh my God. All pregame speeches have to do is come straight from the heart. Observing the guys at work and spending as much time as I have with them.In my opinion, there are a lot of things you can accomplish on the team—especially one as strong as this one—aside from actually playing that can help you advance toward your desired outcome. It’s truly a blessing for me to be able to do that function on this team, regardless of the situation or method.”

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