BREAKING NEWS: dolphin’s record is fraudulent because they……….

Even though the Miami Dolphins have the best record in the AFC with a 9-3 record, they are the subject of a lot of criticism.Many claim their record is bogus because they haven’t beaten a team currently above .500, which is certainly a legitimate argument.
But the Dolphins will still have a tough time in the playoffs, and it’s not just because they have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL.Omar Kelly emphasized how strong the chemistry was between them and that head coach Mike McDaniel did a good job coaching and leading them.
Miami currently ranks second in points, passing touchdowns and rushing yards, and they lead everyone in total rushing yards and touchdowns. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa continues to progress in his fourth professional season, and wide receiver Tyreek Hill leads the NFL in receiving yards and touchdowns and could be on his way to his first-ever 2,000-yard season.
Even though rookie running back De’Von Achane missed a significant portion of the season, the Dolphins’ running game was still firing on all cylinders, as Raheem Mostert led the league with 14 rushing touchdowns.The bone of contention for them has been their defense – they’re only 21st in points allowed, and while they’ve held four of their last five opponents to 17 points or less, none of those opponents have really been dangerous opponents.
With games against the Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Bills to close out the regular season, the Dolphins have an opportunity to prove they are more than just paper tigers.

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