Manchester United Supporters Have Vowed To Continue Their Anti-Glazer Rallies, With Sir Jim Ratcliffe Nearing A Breakthrough.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s bid for a minority ownership in Old Trafford, which would allow them to stay at the club, is being considered by the Glazers.

Supporters of Manchester United Following news of Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s desire to purchase a minority position in Manchester United, the 1958 have vowed to continue their protest against the Glazers for as long as they own shares at Old Trafford.

Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani withdrew his offer to buy United over the weekend due to the Glazers’ exorbitant price, paving the way for Ratcliffe to advance in acquisition talks.

Sheikh Jassim and Ratcliffe went through numerous rounds of bidding, but the British billionaire is now the only prospective bidder left at the table, and he’s close to an agreement for 25% of the company’s shares for roughly £1.3 billion.

The Glazer brothers currently own 69% of the club, with the remaining shares held by New York Stock Exchange investors. Taboola Ratcliffe’s new offer is for a minority stake, but the INEOS founder is willing to pay a premium for assurances that he will have control over specific aspects such as football operations and first-team recruitment.

Should Ratcliffe’s bid be approved, the Glazers will retain a controlling ownership, which is why The 1958 supporter group announced its determination to continue protesting in a new statement on Sunday night.

“As we have said before, “FULL SALE ONLY” is what we stand for,” the statement read. The Glazers’ 69% stake is completely removed. We will continue to demonstrate until this heinous family is ousted from every aspect of our football club.

“We are not interested in new stock offerings.” We are solely concerned about Glazer’s removal. The sickness that has plagued our club for the past 18 years. As we witnessed today. The main groupings of the Fans Forum and Fans Advisory Board have declined the offer of conversation.

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