Stunning: 28-year-old is now worth £40 million less than Liverpool paid for him years ago.

Naby Keita, the former Liverpool midfielder, has seen his worth fall even further since leaving Anfield this summer.

Keita joined Werder Bremen on a free transfer in June after a successful but injury-plagued five years with the Reds.

However, things have followed a typical pattern for Naby since his return to Germany. The 28-year-old made his Werder debut two weeks ago after picking up a pre-season injury. Predictably, the Guinean had to be replaced after only an hour and is now hurt again.

You have to feel sorry for Keita, who appeared to be on his way to becoming a celebrity after joining Liverpool. At the time, his initial £48 million price tag appeared to be a good deal for the Reds. But, according to BILD, Naby is now worth less than £8 million after only five years.

Keita’s worth has plummeted.

According to BILD, Keita’s value has decreased by more than £2.5 million since joining Bremen, according to Transfermarkt estimates.

If everything had gone as planned, Liverpool’s former No.8 would almost certainly still be a prominent player at Anfield.

Still, at the age of 28, he could – and arguably should – have been tearing it up in Jurgen Klopp’s midfield.

Instead, Keita faces the prospect of his career fading into obscurity. Fortunately for him, Bremen offered him a three-year contract this summer. They’re not giving up on him just yet.

But if things continue to go like they are for Naby, he may have to cut his visit short.

Their manager, Ole Werner, appeared to be upset with his new signing as early as a month ago. Keita requires a speedy turnaround.

Unfortunately, his current injury is expected to keep him out for at least the next two games. Werder will need to be patient, but unless he can get a pitch, Naby’s value is one way.

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