Kieran McKenna “a success at Ipswich” was selected as the ideal………

Ipswich Town’s Kieran McKenna is the manager Andy Halliday wants associated with the open Rangers position.

The 37-year-old Tractor Boys manager immediately established a solid reputation for himself as a manager in his own right thanks to success and his initial promotion from League One to the Championship. In that time, his club scored more than 100 goals, and he rose to fame as a coach recognized for his aggressive, fast-paced play.

I don’t believe Lampard has had much success as a manager, but it’s always amusing since hiring a manager doesn’t guarantee success. According to Halliday, Superscoreboard

Each and every one is a risk; you won’t know if they were successful until after they leave the club. Whoever it may be will have the players and fans’ full support, and we hope it is a success. It’s always true that some names are more intriguing than others. With the work he is doing at Ipswich this season, Kieran McKenna is one that has n

ot been mentioned. Another name I would want to have associated with the position is his.



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