Hilarious: Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers Players, Coaches Got Into Physical Altercation in Tunnel..

After the final whistle of the Milwaukee Bucks’ 140-126 victory over the Indiana Pacers, things took a turn for the worse on Wednesday night.

At the center of it all was Giannis Antetokounmpo, who was angry after the Pacers decided to take away his game ball.Well, technically it wasn’t Giannis’ ball, but you can’t really say he didn’t deserve to win the ball after dropping a career-high 64 points in a historic performance. Video footage of an altercation in the tunnel made the rounds on social media after Giannis himself burst into the Pacers locker room to try to recover the ball. Several reports suggest that tempers remained calmer and nothing was exaggerated. However, former NBA All-Star and current podcaster Gilbert Arenas says otherwise. According to Arenas’ source, a physical altercation actually occurred in the tunnel between the players and the technical staff of the two teams:“There was definitely smoke in the background between the Pacers and Bucks during and after the game,” Arenas co-host Josiah Johnson said during a recent episode of Gil’s Arena. “…a Pacers coach pinned a Bucks player against a wall, and a Pacers player – who may or may not have attended the same university as [Arenas] – shook the hand of a Bucks coach because he said too much nonsense.“The Pacers have beaten the Bucks twice this season. Bucks players kind of have an opinion on it, they’ve talked about it a lot. Apparently the Pacers didn’t want to shake hands with the Bucks after this game. Tyrese Haliburton, an intelligent, light-skinned gentleman, stayed on the ground and talked to many people.Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle announced after the game that an unnamed Bucks player elbowed Indiana general manager Chad Buchanan, who himself had suffered some sort of injury alongside.Combining this revelation with the report above suggests that the post-match interaction between the two teams appears to have turned violent. In his report, Johnson made a not-so-discreet reference to the player allegedly attacking a Bucks coach. According to Johnson, the Pacers player in question “may or may not have attended the same university as Arenas.”EzoicWell, Arenas played his college ball for Arizona and the only player on Indiana’s roster who is a former Wildcat is sophomore forward Bennedict Mathurin.It will be very interesting to see if the league takes action in this dispute.

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