News Report: Red Wings rolling, drawing inspiration from Lions, energized crowds…

DETROIT – The “Yes-Save Goff” chants continued Saturday in Game 2 at Little Caesars Arena. When the video appeared on the screen, fans wearing Detroit Lions uniforms cheered loudly.

Rory, the lion mascot, also appeared.They were happy to see the Detroit Red Wings continue their strong January performance with a 5-2 win over the Stanley Cup champion Vegas Golden Knights. They were looking forward to Sunday’s NFC Championship game between the Lions and the San Francisco 49ers.”The building was amazing,”

Dylan Larkin said. “The fans have been amazing all year. There was another upset tonight and I felt it.”The Red Wings (26-18-5) opened a five-point lead over the New York Islanders in the East’s second wild card. Someone threw an octopus on the ice.”Every time something like this happens, I want to see waves (of octopi),”

Larkin said. “The lads on the bench (who lifted it) held it over their heads and asked the crowd to move it, but we’ll keep it for the play-offs. That’s what our room is all about.”Larkin scored two goals, the first of which was career #200. Alex Lyon made 28 saves and went 13-6-1.

He was the driving force behind the team’s 9-2-1 run in 2024. “I’m really excited to be able to do it from home,” Larkin said. “Looking back, it’s something I can be proud of. It was a really good night to win against that team like we did tonight.They hope for another great night tomorrow as the Lions advance to the Super Bowl.”I’m excited for tomorrow,” said Larkin, a Michigan native who grew up rooting for the Lions.

While the Lions are in the postseason, the Red Wings have had the misfortune of having games scheduled for the past two Sundays. But today I’m in front of the TV. According to Larkin, the team had a watch party with Justin Hall. Coach Derek LaLonde, a Buffalo Bills fan from New York, is ready to give it his all for the Lions. He looks great in an Aiden Hutchinson shirt.”I finally got to watch a football game,”

Lalonde said. “It’s ecstatic. Our last game and the success has definitely brought some energy to this building. You saw this last year when I was doing these push-ups. But I think the energy is different where the lions are. “and!” Like energy. So it’s really cool and fun. “I think me and the team will watch the game,” he said.The Red Wings are scheduled to return to practice on Monday to prepare for Wednesday’s game against Ottawa, the final game before the nine-day bye week/All-Star break.”I can finally watch a Lions game without anything else,”

Larkin said. “City… it’s amazing that the fans are behind them and us. I couldn’t be happier for Jared and Aiden and so many others going through such a difficult time. “It’s heartening to see how far cities go when their sports teams deserve it and that’s what the Lions have done.”

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