Latest News Report: Who do you want to see as Broncos’ starting quarterback next season…..?

Keys: If Jarrett Stidham is the Broncos’ quarterback in 2024, coach Sean Payton’s quarterback will be on the hot seat before the year is out. Stidham may be the player most likely to start in the season opener, but how confident are you that he can lead this team to the playoffs?

Nominate the best candidate to compete with ‘Stiddy’. Please And thank you.Gabrielle: Yes, I’m talking about the offseason. And Keys, you fronted the now prolific Michael Penix sub-band. In Washington. My name is J.J. I do not know what to believe. McCarthy (anyone?) But he is so talented that I had to look at U-M this year and say more than once, “I think Sean Payton could win a lot of games with this guy.” There’s still a long way to go, but I’m leaving you in charge of the penis train that will take McCarthy through Bonnix, Oregon. That’s assuming Denver doesn’t finish in the top four or five, of course. Keys: I’ve been bashing Penix since he led the Huskies to the college football championship game and the draft pick started to raise his stock as a first-round pick. Now, I’m not sure if Penix will be on the board at #12 on the Broncos clock, and I also know that the red flags on his medical report rule him out. So who is the veteran Broncos QB with plenty of NFL experience?Gabrielle: Yes, there are a lot of options, but this is one of the options that I’m not sure is particularly good. How do you think Payton would react if Jameis Winston did what he did Sunday and avoided kneeling to let his teammate score? Life wouldn’t be fun if Winston and his former Saints coach reunited here. And in seven games with Payton in 2021, Winston threw 14 touchdowns against three picks. Or like Cincinnati’s Jake Browning selected with a Day 3 pick? Are there flyers on Malik Willis from Tennessee? Keys: Does Gardner Minshew Light Up Your Life? For pure entertainment value, I’d like to see how good Baker Mayfield can bring to the Denver game. However, his price tag would be too high for the Broncos. So let me give you a crazy, crazy idea. How would Broncos country react if general manager George Patton tried to offset some of the losses to Seattle in the Russell Wilson trade by sending Drew Lock back to Denver?Gabrielle: Don’t you dare say that. Speaking of former Broncos players, do you think Joe Flacco’s presence in Denver’s starting lineup for the last six games will force them to play next weekend instead of hitting the golf course? If you really go down the rabbit hole, the Broncos’ quarterbacks coach is former quarterback Russell Wilson. He is younger and knows the current system very well. How about a Davis Webb/’Stiddy’ match? Okay, this is actually a joke. Post humor font not found.One interesting note about all of this: Free agency comes before the draft, so do the Broncos jump right into Minshew/Winston free agency and draft the guy anyway? Or will you just watch the draft unfold and find the remnants of free agency? 2024 is going to be an interesting time, Mr. Keith.

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