Cowboys BREAKING: Micah Parsons Moves To Injury Report with Illness Before Eagles Game…

ARLINGTON The Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles will meet on “Sunday Night Football” at AT&T Stadium with a lot on the line.

The Cowboys have a chance to take over the division lead from the Eagles with a win and potentially take the lead in the NFC. With the next chapter in the Cowboys and Eagles storied rivalry set to be written, Micah Parsons is ready for anything. “It’s always one of the biggest games in football, if not the biggest,” Parsons said. “The intensity is always high, the emotion’s high, everyone wants to win … “You know it’s a brawl. It’s always one where you got to get the ice bags ready.”

But as of Sunday morning, Micah must ready for something else. An aspirin, maybe. Or an IV. Or some chicken-noodle soup, as he’s now a last-minute add to an otherwise clean Dallas injury report. Parsons is dealing with an illness … but is expected to play. Meanwhile … The 9-3 Cowboys have been on a hot streak lately as they have rattled off six wins in their last seven games, with the only loss being to the Eagles.

Many thought the 10-2 Eagles were running away with the division just a couple of weeks ago, but now, Dallas is within striking distance, which gives the game a whole different feel to it. But for all the potential outcomes of the game in the division and the playoff picture, Parsons wants to win and beat up the Eagles in the process.

“It’s about just winning and going out there and dominating,” Parsons said. “You want to go out there and make a point at some point throughout the season, and just no matter who’s in front of you, just beat the hell out of them.”

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