News Report !!!! – Browns vs. Cardinals: Scouting how Cleveland can lock down the worst team in football in……….

This Sunday, the Cleveland Browns take on the Arizona Cardinals. To help preview a few topics from the Cardinals’ perspective, we reached out to Seth Cox from Revenge of the Birds and exchanged five questions with him.

With Arizona having traded Josh Dobbs, early reports are indicating that Clayton Tune will start against the Browns this week, with Kyler Murray returning some time after. Assuming that Tune gets the start, what do you expect to see from him?”

Not a whole lot. Not that I don’t think Tune will be a terrible player or anything like that, but the reality is we are talking about one of the five best defenses in football, with one of the most ferocious pass rush in football, and the Cardinals have maybe three players that would get snaps on the Browns offense right now. So, the talent disparity is too great to expect a whole lot.

I am hopeful he is just able to hit some open throws and doesn’t make any errors that lead to easy points for the Browns.

If he is just unable to move the offense, that is actually better than what happened last week when Dobbs threw two interceptions and set the Ravens up for short fields and easy scores.

The offense is schemed to not ask the quarterback to do too much, and when it happened you saw the sacks, fumbles and interceptions happen.

I assume we will see similar work done this week, if not even more conservative giving Tune as much protection, easy, short throws and keeping him out of harms way as much as they can.

Not sure it will work against the great Browns defense, but it will be the idea if it is Tune.

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