Browns Coach Says Injured Defender Has Taken On New Role…

The Cleveland Browns have failed to catch a single break this season due to injuries. From top to bottom, the team has been bitten by the injury bug since the start of the year.Notably, veteran safety Rodney McLeod was one of the first to go down with a season-ending injury.The newcomer failed to impress on the pitch due to a torn bicep. However, Browns safeties coach Ephraim Banda recently told the media that he has been very close to the players and has played a bit of a coaching role, saying he “sees his blind spots” and has tried to influence the team in the locker room. (via Scott Petrak). What’s remarkable is that this has been the pattern for this team all season long.Everyone understood that it was bigger than any of them.They come together for a common goal, and that type of resilience has been the key to continuing to move forward despite constantly treading water and defying the odds.Despite everything this team has been through, they are still 8-5 and have a great chance of making the playoffs.And even though they’re no longer Super Bowl contenders due to their unpredictable QB situation and a never-ending string of injuries, this Browns team has already shown they can compete with the best teams in the league at any time, and they are the This is the last team anyone would want to face in the playoffs.

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