The number of Cardiff City supporters that were detained in 2022–2023 was disclosed

The 2022–23 Championship season was highlighted by Cardiff City’s struggles. After the Bluebirds had battled the true and very real threat of relegation the season before, there was rare sense of hope in the Welsh capital when Steve Morison brought in up to 17 players in his first and only summer as manager. However, things didn’t turn out as expected, and the Bluebirds concluded the season appreciative of winning the championship. Cardiff looks lot nicer now. Since the days of promotion kingpin Neil Warnock, supporters have felt sharp management disconnect. Erol Bulut’s new coaching style has really connected with them, and the club’s apparent upward mobility has restored the feel-good element to the Cardiff City Stadium.

However, looking back on the previous campaign, Cardiff was not only involved in mischief on the field. The Home Office has released data about the arrests of supporters across last season, and we’ve chosen to focus on Cardiff’s data here because it will undoubtedly provoke discussion among fans across the nation. According to these numbers, 17 arrests of Cardiff supporters occurred during the campaign. Cardiff is positioned in the middle of the pack given that all 92 Football League clubs are taken into account in this ranking of football-related arrests at number 42.

How many Cardiff fans have been arrested in previous years?

It’s a slight increase on the findings from the 2021-22 season, which calculated 13 arrests.But overall, Cardiff fans have been getting into trouble less for the most part in recent years.Since the Home Office first began releasing the statistics into the public domain from the 2014-15 season onwards, they’ve accumulated 205 arrests.A staggering 56 of them came in that first campaign of data being published online – a number that ranked among the highest in the country at that point – while problems were still at large when 44 arrests were recorded the following term.

Although it must be emphasized that things have greatly improved since then, that number fell to 25 in 2016–17, 24 in 2017–18 when Cardiff won promotion, and then consecutively down by just one to 23 when they were playing in the Premier League between 2018 and 2019. In the 2019–20 season, that number did marginally increase to 25, but it then decreased to 18. In 2021/22, only 13 arrests were made in Cardiff, bringing the overview of over ten years to successful conclusion. Then, after that, fans will be curious to learn how much trouble longtime rivals Swansea City have been in. Let’s find out.

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