Just In: 2-Time All-Star Floated as ‘Realistic’ Trade Option for Celtics….

The Boston Celtics could use some frontcourt depth and have the means to get it. With the $6.2. million Grant Williams trade exception, they have options. One of those options is Chicago Bulls center Andre Drummond.

CelticsBlog’s Jack Simone explained why he believes Drummond is a “realistic” option for the Celtics.

“Depending on your taste for Luke Kornet (who has been wholly effective in his role this year), adding some extra big-man depth could be useful,” Simone wrote in a February 4 story. “The Chicago Bulls are going nowhere fast, and Andre Drummond should be available. Throwing a couple of second-rounders to Chicago for Drummond could be worth it, though Kornet could still get the nod in the rotation, depending on the matchup.”

Drummond has made the NBA All-Star team twice in his NBA career, but those days are long behind him. He has been a backup center for the past few years. However, despite not getting the minutes he once did, he still is an effective rebounder. In 15.8 minutes a game, Drummond snags 8.3 rebounds.

The Bulls are paying Drummond $3.4 million, which means the Celtics can absorb his contract with the Grant Williams TPE.

There’s ‘Considerable Interest’ in Andre Drummond: Report

The Bulls are 23-27, which makes them the No. 9 seed in the Eastern Conference. Their season has not gone as they had planned, and that could lead to some changes. If they decide that they must make some changes, Andre Drummond has a market, per NBA Insider Marc Stein.

“Bulls center Andre Drummond continues to generate considerable interest from various playoff-bound teams looking to add a proven center to the roster,” Stein wrote in a February 4 story. “The Bulls could be moved to trade Drummond for draft capital given that he’s right there with Utah’s Kelly Olynyk – highly coveted given his experience and rebounding ability in a similar vein to Olynyk’s appeal as a floor-spacer – in terms of in-demand big men.”

Stein did not name the Celtics or anyone else as possible options for Drummond. With the NBA Trade Deadline coming, Drummond’s trade market may only continue to heat up.

If the Celtics acquire Drummond, he would compete for the third big in their rotation behind Kristaps Porzingis and Al Horford.

Andre Drummond May Happen for ‘Right Deal’

Bulls insider Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times revealed that the Bulls may trade Andre Drummond on one condition.

“The growing opinion is that if LaVine can’t be traded, the Bulls likely will make a smaller tweak to the existing lineup, possibly moving center Andre Drummond if the right deal presents itself,” Cowley wrote in a February 2 story.

Cowley then explained why he gives an Andre Drummond trade a 60% chance.

“Contending teams would love the idea of adding Drummond as a backup big and another body to throw at the likes of the 76ers’ Joel Embiid or the Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic in a playoff series. The veteran center has been a stellar rebounder for the Bulls, and his contract is expiring. Don’t expect much back, however — maybe a young, struggling big and a second-round pick at best.”

The Celtics have most of their first-round picks, but trading one of them for Drummond would seem steep. Drummond could help, but hi

s contract expires in 2024.

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