A Sad One: Ravens’ Patrick Queen Scolded Fans Worried About a Cowboys-Like Playoff Defeat….

The Dallas Cowboys’ upset wild-card loss put the NFL’s remaining top playoff seeds on high alert Sunday, and the added attention seemed to get under the skin of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen.

Baltimore, the AFC’s No. 1 seed, watched from home as the NFC East champion Cowboys falling to the No. 7-seed Green Bay Packers, 48–32, in Dallas

After the stunning nature of Dallas’s defeat, some Ravens fans apparently got a bit worried about their team potentially suffering a similar fate. Evidently, some of those worried fans reached Queen, who made it clear that he didn’t want to hear any nervous energy from Baltimore’s fanbase.

“And please stop tweeting at me saying “don’t let that happen to us” please go watch a movie or something,” Queen wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

While likely no one would fault Queen for scolding paranoid fans, it’s hard to overlook some of the concern associated with the possibility of the well-rested Ravens exiting the playoffs early.

Still, with Baltimore set to find out its opponent by Monday night, Queen and the rest of his team will have to wait a little longer to answer the critics already wondering where they’ll fall on the “rest vs. rust” debates.

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